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Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity here in North Las Vegas and for good reasons. Since a tankless water heaters heats on demand, hot water will not run out.  This is especially useful for large families or commercial businesses in the North Las Vegas area with larger hot water demands – for example homes with a soaking tub or Jacuzzi.  If you are considering up sizing your conventional tank water heater from 40 or 50 gallons to 66 or 80 gallons, Silverstate plumbing strongly recommend you also consider a tankless hot water heater.

Regular hot water tanks are measured by gallon capacity, recovery rate and first hour rating. Tankless water heaters are compared based on flow rate.  As long as the home uses hot water at a flow rate below the tankless heater’s maximum flow rate, there is no “recovery”; first hour usage is truly the amount of water that flows in an hour.

Small homes need a unit that heats 4 gallons per minute can handle a shower plus one appliance operating at the same time.  A unit with over 7 gallons per minute can typically handle two showers and a dishwasher or washing machine. Important to note: North Las Vegas tankless water heater units do not provide “instant hot water” as hot water still takes time to flow from the unit to the tap or shower. The footprint of tankless units is much smaller freeing up additional space in the home or garage. Instead of locating the unit way out in the garage, the equipment can be located upstairs, central to the demand.

Tankless Water Heaters are Energy Efficient Saving Home Owners Money on Utility Bills

The most efficient traditional gas tanks sold in the North Las Vegas community today currently operate at 62% efficiency.  Efficiency is a measure of heat transfer from the energy source to your hot water.  Tankless water heaters sold and installed by Plumber Las Vegas typically operate at over 80% energy efficiency.  Tankless units further save energy because water is not constantly heated, cooled and re-heated within a storage tank.  And while efficiency for traditional tanks can decline over time as sediment builds up in the unit, tankless hot water heaters maintain their efficiency over time.

We have seen savings between 30-60% of Commercial and residential clients water heating energy bill.

Tankless Water Heaters Last Twice as Long as Tank Water Heaters and Increase Home Resale Value According to Experts

North Las Vegas NV home owners  should recover the almost all of the cost installing as a tankless hot water heater when you resale your your home. This is a premium product.

Cost to install a North Las Vegas tankless water heater unit varies greatly.  We usually must perform an estimate in order to determine total cost.  However, total cost generally ranges from $2,000-4,500 installed.  But you should call our Las Vegas Plumber team for a free quote. There are a lot of set up items that tankless water heater require:

  • North Las Vegas Plumber must run a dedicated gas line to the unit because North Las Vegas tankless water heater units typically require up to 195,000 BTUs to operate
  • North Las Vegas Plumber must install category 3 stainless steel venting.  This may require us to relocate the unit to an exterior wall or outside.
  • North Las Vegas Plumber must install additional water piping if we need to relocate the unit.
  • North Las Vegas Plumber must run dedicated power to the unit.